Residential Home loans for existing and First home buyers
buying your first home can be exciting but also confusing. We will help you through the process, dealing with the banks and paperwork. Owning your own home is everyone’s dream. We provide loans for owner-occupied and /or investment properties and first home buyers, best mortgage to suit their needs.

Refinances and debt consolidation
It’s always worthwhile talking to us – even if you have an existing mortgage it’s a good idea to have a regular mortgage review, to make sure your mortgage suits your needs and that you are not paying anymore than you need to.

You may need to refinance your existing mortgage to take advantage of our cheaper rates, consolidate those credit cards into one debt and take advantage of an interest rate two third’s less than the credit card rate you are currently paying. In addition it is much easier to make one payment per month instead of 5 or 6 repayments to different credit card and hire purchase companies.

You will also be able to release the existing equity in your home to create accessible funds for either the purchase of an investment property (or anything else that you have your heart set on!) at the cheaper rates or to complete home renovations.

Up to 90% Home Loans
Major Banks are usually no longer offering mortgages of more than 80% however we are still able to help many first home buyers to secure up to 90% home loans on favourable terms tailored to their needs. Other borrowers can often qualify for 90% home loans.

Commercial Property & Business Loans
If you are buying a commercial property or buying a business, we can help you apply for your loans up to 65% of the property’s value or 50% of the business value. We are accredited with major banks to obtain business loans, term loans and asset loans.

Construction Home loans
The Mortgage Providers team are able to arrange funding for the construction of your new home. We take the hassle out of building your dream home and manage the process together with you. A construction loan is where you buy the land first and then build on it. The cost of the build is funded through progress payments. With construction loans, most Lenders will approve up to 80% of the cost to complete (land plus cost to build.) With a large pool of lenders we have the ability to obtain approval up to 90% loan for Construction purposes. This is on a case by case scenario.

Line of Credit / Revolving Credit
We can also arrange a Line of Credit or revolving credit facility so that you can draw funds quickly and easily without the need to submit an application form each time you need money.

No Financials or No Income verified Loans
We have access to lenders who specialise in loans secured against your home or investment Property. The interest rates once again are very competitive.

We arrange finance for business or investment purposes or for the purchase of either owner occupied or investment property up to 70% of the property’s value.

There is no need to provide Financial Accounts or income confirmation for these loans. We understand it can often be difficult to demonstrate income, especially when it comes from multiple sources, for example if you are both employed and running a business part time or full time. We routinely assist with Lo-doc and No-doc finance on excellent terms and without high fees.

Bank Declined Loans / Home loans for borrowers with an adverse credit history
Do you have an adverse credit rating or have the Bank’s declined your loan for some reason? If the answer is yes, please contact us and we may be able to assist you. Problems in your credit history do not necessarily mean that you cannot secure a home loan. We can help you apply for special products that give you the chance to own a home and re-build your credit rating.

Mortgage Arrears
You don’t need to lose your home to a mortgagee sale. We know it is stressful time when something like this happens, but in many cases we can find a solution to help you keep your home.

Insurance products
Nobody likes to think about accidents, illness and aging but sadly, they’re a part of life. Thinking ahead and ensuring you have the right insurance, can help protect your home, business, partner or family and help take the worry out of everyday life. Please contact us for your insurance review.

You will be receiving professional, efficient and prompt service from experienced and friendly people when you deal with the Mortgage Providers team.