Private Medical Cover (Health Insurance)

Good health is essential ~ so is good sense. Few things are as precious  as your well-being. But people do get sick and have accidents. Even healthy people!

What you can do is  think ahead and be better prepared for it. That means thinking beyond  the limited resources of the public health system. It means ensuring  that the best medical care and technology are available to you and your  family. It means removing the potential nightmare of astronomic medical  bills at a time when your are suffering enough. It means planning ahead  with a tailored Mortgage Providers Insurance health plan.

Better yet, avoiding the under resourced public health system will ensure you’ll be on the road to a faster recovery.

What’s covered – we can tailor an appropriate Health Care plan that will  cover you for the cost of surgery in a private hospital, which includes:

  • Surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ fees.
  • Pre and post-operative specialist’s fees within 6 months of the date of surgery
  • Surgical implanted prostheses
  • Diagnostic procedures leading to surgery in a Private hospital
  • Ancillary treatment charges incurred while in hospital
  • Specialist Minor Surgery
  • Physiotherapy following surgery

You could also be covered for the cost of medical treatment in a  Private Hospital for:

  • Angiography, Angioplasty and Lithotripsy procedures
  • Other treatment resulting in admission to hospital (special   conditions apply)
  • CT and MRI scans