What exactly is Trauma Insurance?

Trauma insurance pays you a one-off lump sum if you have a serious medical condition specified in your policy (like cancer, heart attack or stroke). You could use the benefit to: pay for private medical costs! make lifestyle changes so you can focus on recovery – like permanently reducing the number of days you work.

Did you know?

  • Every day, there are 58 new cancer cases registered and 23 deaths from cancer in New Zealand.
  • Over 2,900 New Zealand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year.
  • Every day about 24 New Zealanders have a stroke. A quarter occur in people under 65.
  • Each year 2,800 women are diagnosed in New Zealand with breast cancer.

Want to know how you can arrange this cover? 

It’s easy, give us a call for more information.

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Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance has several purposes. Its most important function is to replace the earnings that would cease at the death of the insured. For businesses, life insurance is a way to protect key employees and the business itself.

If you die during your earning years, your family could suffer a severe economic loss as a result of losing your current and future income. Unfortunately, your family would still have to pay its regular bills, the mortgage, and outstanding debts, and perhaps even continue saving for college and retirement. Unless you’re independently wealthy, achieving these goals may be virtually impossible for your family with the loss of your steady income. Life insurance offers a way for your family to continue living comfortably and without worry.

Employers often purchase life insurance policies on key employees to insure against the loss of services or income that might result after an employee’s death. Here, the proceeds from the policy are paid to the company. Life insurance works for business partners too, where one business partner purchases a policy to insure against the financial loss that might result from the other partner’s death or to buy out the partner’s heirs.

Life Cover – Lump Sum
Provides a lump-sum payment and is designed to help your family or your business.

Life Cover – Family Protection
Designed to minimise the impact on lifestyle after your death through a monthly payment to your family, rather than a lump sum.

Accidental Death
This lower-cost cover option pays a lump sum only if death is a result of an accident.